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Bespoke Matrimony is ever ready to answer your Questions. Here are some frequent questions from where you can get more clearifications.

Bespoke Matrimony is here to provide you with excellent service of getting your life partner, who matches your preference and family values. At a click of a button you can see profiles matching your requirement. Our personal touch and care will get you what you are looking for in your life partner.

First and foremost we assured that we give only verified profiles.  We provide customized and personalized service according to your input and our matchmaking algorithm  pick the right match for you. While we search, we keep in mind your choice and we give you the best.

As already explain, your profile once registered  remains secure on our platform. 

AGW offers an array of matrimonial services hence have different package structures .  We only consider  100% advance payments against the package you choose. Our payment method includes  NEFT, IMPS, Paytm, Google Pay (Tez) .

We Regularly check  our Emails, message in box and WhatsApp  communications. We are quick to respond .

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Free members can view only some of your details. They cannot view your mobile number, horoscope, etc. Paid members can view all your details.

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This package is why Bespoke Matrimony is differnt from other online platforms. It gives Benefits of online matchmaking with the comfort of Marriage Bureau, your profile stays hidden for everyone else. You may opt out of it anytime if you would like to make yourself visible to chat and interact with prospects online. We Respect your Privacy.